An Early Start

Greg Jirik, the owner of Lonsdale Construction, started in the business as an employee of his father's construction company during high school. He continued working with residential general contractors in his area for several years after that.


In 1979, a three year career began with a commercial employer, providing new knowledge and experience. Additional education during this period helped with project coordination. Shortly thereafter, he realized his own potential for operating a successful business.

The Foundation

Greg founded Lonsdale Construction in 1984. Initially, contracting general construction in his hometown of Lonsdale. It was not long, however, before he discovered that construction competition became significantly less with specialized products and services. As the 1980's moved along, the company took on more unique projects, most often as a sub-contractor to other major contractors.   Glulam erection and specialized renovation took hold.


Today, glulam erection is the primary focus, with projects completed in 34 states. 

Solid Team Structure

Greg has three sons, all of which work for Lonsdale today.  They grew up around the building industry, having spent time as young boys on site with their father.  Teamwork, along with a passion to both maintain and advance Lonsdale's success, is carried out on a daily basis with this dynamic.  


Genuine trust and communication within this team is what solidifies Lonsdale.