Turner Construction,                                on the Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio

We at Turner Construction completed a 79,000 sq. ft., 96 ft. high indoor water park structure for Great Wolf in Mason, Ohio.  We hired Lonsdale Construction to erect the structure, composed of Tenemec painted steel, Glulam trusses, and T&G decking.  Lonsdale excelled in scheduling and coordinating with suppliers and subcontractors, and their OSHA certified personnel and engineered bracing plan gave us definite reassurance.  We would be thrilled to work with Lonsdale again.


-Doug Bennett,
Turner Construction

APA Article Excerpt on our Work at Austin Events Center in Texas

"Because the local construction firms were not familiar with the style of wood roof assembly specified in the design, an erection crew from Lonsdale Construction Company in Minnesota traveled to Austin to work with MW Builders on the critical phases of the truss assembly and erection.   'Even though the roof was very design intensive with a lot of trusses and unique angles, the decking went up quickly and simply', said Greg Herriott, MW Builders.  The erection crew [Lonsdale] brought in a truck crane, scissor lifts, and boom forklifts.  'We're used to seeing much heavier equipment with steel construction', Herriott added.   Because of the building's elaborate wave design and asymmetrical configuration, the crew worked with very narrow tolerances when attaching trusses to the columns.  The elevation had to be within 1/2 inch at the top of the column.  The trusses were connected to a matrix of columns, with a base plate, or shoe, at the top of each column.    'It went together amazingly well', said Lauren Goldberg, project architect with Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects.  'We have gotten tremendous feedback on the structure'."

A Letter From the Office of Mayor Shawn Mason

Dear Greg,


On behalf of the City of International Falls, I sincerely thank you for your work on the Voyageurs National Park Headquarters which is part of the new James Oberstar Riverfront Complex.  Because of your work and the work of your fellow contractors, this project was completed on time and on budget. 



Shawn Mason, Mayor

Kraemer Brothers,                                 on Two Great Wolf Lodge Projects

"We have put great efforts into our Concord, NC water park project.  Lonsdale Construction came in on budget and excelled erecting the water park superstructure.  We have used them before on a similar project in Scotrun, PA.  they are a great company that we hope to see again."


-Marty Kraemer, 

 Kraemer Brothers

JP Cullen, Epic Campus Projects

The Epic Systems Campus in greater Madison, WI, is one of the largest construction projects in our history. We are in our 5th year as General Contractor on this project. Quality sub-contractors are a necessity. We hired Lonsdale Construction for a 9 month duration for erecting roof structures on that project. They had quality equipment and helped maintain our schedules.


-Cory Huschka,
J.P. Cullen & Sons

Stevens Construction, on the Wilderness Resort

"Greg was the erector of the structural steel and wood glulam structure for the 65,000 SF Indoor Wave Pool at Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Greg and his employees did an outstanding job on a very difficult project."




-Jim Wilcox,
Stevens Construction Corp.

Kraus-Anderson Construction

Greg Jirik and his staff have performed subcontracted installation of structural wood glu-lam members on projects for Kraus Anderson Construction for numerous projects throughout the country. Greg and his staff have always shown a high level of technical experience in regards to the work they perform.


-Thomas L. Roepke,

  Kraus Anderson